AJITA Fashions, journey began in the early 90’s, from the background of a member who was part of the thriving fashion retail industry for many years in Singapore. It began as a small e-commerce under the initial name; SLC. It was these learning experiences that materialized into an intimately personal collection of fashion accessories, uplifting my confidence and desire to contribute to the industry with my own unique designs. SLC grew and flourished over time with success and moulded into what it is known today……. AJITA Fashions.
I began; of course, by selling my work to my friends and families. I hosted parties at my very home where I displayed my work, and, eventually, participated in hotel exhibitions during festive seasons where my accessories were displayed for sale.

Over the years, a niche market emerged and my work began to carve out its own identity. I began to manufacture and export these fashion accessories which had by now grown to 925 silver jewelleries, gemstones and luxury collections to boutiques and individuals around the globe.

At AJITA Fashions, we consider ourselves experts in designing unique and exclusively crafted products that are meant to serve and enhance the intricacies of one’s everyday lifestyle – bringing the mundane into the realm of mythical beauty. We specialize in a variety of aesthetic styles ranging from contemporary or classic to ethnic, rustic pieces, all specially designed to suit highly personalized tastes.

We personally hand-select our products that are crafted all around the world, with an expert eye for quality and detail, and of course, the highest notches of style and timeless beauty.

“I am constantly on the lookout for special, exotic pieces to share with you”.
SO…Welcome to the world of…Ajita Fashions